What are your fees?

Fees are discussed openly during the initial phone call, with all fees and office policies also written in the intake packet.

Do you accept insurance?

While we are able to respond to additional insurance paperwork requested by your insurance companies to help you get reimbursed, you are responsible for full payment at each session and submission of our monthly invoices to your insurance carrier.

Do you accept NYC Dept. of Education funding?

We are no longer accepting CPSE nor CSE (elementary school) funding.

For how long will my child require OT intervention?

The primary focus of occupational therapy intervention is on improvement in function in daily life.  With this in mind, length of OT intervention depends on your child’s individual needs, goals, and response to intervention as well as realistic family priorities.  While some parents will have their child seen only for a formal evaluation or short-term consultation in order to understand what contributes to problems at home, school or play, OT intervention often occurs over a 3-month to two-year time frame. In providing home intervention ideas, ongoing reassessment of progress, strategies for  accessing a child’s natural motivation for growth,  we work with parents to figure out a good point at which to stop.

What is sensory integration (SI)/sensory processing?

Sensory integration, now referred to as sensory processing, is a neurological process which allows each of us to register and interpret incoming information from the environment as well as from our body, and organize the information for use.  SI allows us, for example, to sit in a busy restaurant, eating and conversing, without falling off our chairs! Please see the Resources page for links to terrific websites about sensory integration/sensory processing.

My child only needs to work on  fine motor skills and handwriting.  Must he spend treatment time in a sensory gym?

OT treatment at The LAB! is highly individualized, based on ongoing assessment of your child’s  functional skill development and needs, and continual discussion with parents.  In some instances, use of the gym (e.g.,  to increase your child’s shoulder girdle stability, visual-spatial skills, posture, or attention span)  will speed up fine motor and handwriting success.  We are now also offering a home-based treatment option during earlier hours of the day, usefulness determined with parents after OT evaluation.


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