We base OT treatment on goals established with parents and ongoing reassessment of change.  We address goals by using therapeutic activities which are of interest and meaning to your particular child.  Children meet goals best in coordination with parents, caregivers, and other professionals. 

At Leaps And Bounds (The LAB!), we utilize many varied intervention techniques, with appreciation of the child’s temperament, motivation, and family priorities, environment and culture.  Derived from our knowledge of neuroscience-based principles, body mechanics, play  and functional skill development, these  interventions often include:


  1. Sensory integration (also known as sensory processing)

     intervention, utilizing our sensory gym and  a ‘sensory diet‘ of

     activities to help a child self-regulate and improve motor skills

     and behavioral  responses to the environment.

  1.   Skill development in the following areas:   

  2. Gross motor

  3. Fine motor

  4. Handwriting

  5. Self-care

  6. Vision:  perceptual, visual-motor, oculomotor 

  7. Play skills

  8. Social skills

  9. Planning, organizing, sequencing skills

Complementary home treatment programs might include:

  1.      Wilbarger Protocol

  2.      Therapeutic Listening

  3.      Interactive Metronome

  4.      ‘Sensory diet’

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  1.    Piano PLAY at The LAB!, working on individualized OT goals

    while he/she also learns keyboard basics, simple melodies,  

    rhythm, and reading music when developmentally ready.

    Creative curiosity, pride and confidence naturally emerge.