The treatment setting at The LAB! is flexibly configured to support the ‘just-right challenge’ for growth and development.  Enticing and confidence-building, we provide both structure and freedom to experiment.

  1. Our sensory gym is equipped with a variety of suspended swings, balls, lycra, and jumping,

            balancing and climbing
equipment which readily

            evolve into trips to Outer Space, the Jurassic Era,

            the grocery store or Grandma's house.  Or just

            stays a  gym!

  1. Our fine motor rooms are well-supplied with puzzles,

            games, handwriting tools and art materials.  They

            also serve as an excellent space for small yoga

            classes, and quiet areas for engaging in formal

            programs, such as Astronaut Training, Interactive

            Metronome, and keyboarding. 

  1. Peer play opportunities are possible, taking individual

            needs and schedules into account.

  1. Our apartment-like environment invites frequent 

            dialogue with family members and caregivers, with

            time available for more formal collaboration.  


  1. Our waiting room library includes shelves of child development and parenting books along with

            children's books and toys for varied ages.   


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