1.    Our occupational therapists offer evaluation, treatment and parent consultations for children

     whose participation at home, school, social interaction and/or play is noticeably compromised.

    We collaborate with parents, teachers and other

                professionals in child’s life, to facilitate

                treatment goals in a broader context.

           School visits give us a great opportunity to

                observe your child in his/her educational and

                social  environment, allowing us to clarify and

                prioritize our goals  and collaborate with his/

                her teachers about ways to optimize learning

                at school. 

           Home visits offer great problem-solving

               collaboration between parent and OT, such as

               establishing routines, organizing toys,

               developing sensory diet ideas (possibly using

               sensory equipment in your home), and

               expanding play skills.

  1. We evaluate graphomotor skills for upper grade students requiring documentation for

           use of a computer at school and/or during SAT or ACT testing.

  1.    We have referral lists of other professionals, including speech and language

           therapists, psychoeducational and neuropsychological evaluators, play therapists, physical

           therapists, learning specialists, developmental optometrists and audiologists.

  1.    We offer in-service training for educators and other professionals, at their site or ours.

  1.   We offer small-sized, sensory-wise classes for young children in music with movement

           taught by  highly experienced music teacher. 

  1.   We offer Piano PLAY as part of OT therapeutic activities, where you child works on individualized

          OT goals while also learning keyboard basics, simple melodies, rhythm a dreading music when 

          developmentally ready.


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