An OT evaluation at The LAB! typically consists of:

  1.     A phone intake interview, with email of OT intake

           forms and office policies.  (You are welcome to

           visit The LAB! for an intake interview as well.)

  1.     Two 60-minute sessions with your child, utilizing

           both clinical observation and standardized tests

           which reflect neurodevelopment as well as

           functional skills.  Tests are selected to reflect the

           individual concerns expressed. An initial visit in the

           school or home setting can be valuable,

           particularly for young children.

  1.     A 60-90 minute feedback session with parents in

           order to review strengths and weaknesses, daily

           living patterns, school performance and how formal

           test results/clinical observations are related to daily

           functioning.  Goals and treatment plan are

           discussed, including activities which can be

           incorporated at home.

  1.     An extensive written evaluation, including treatment goals and home activities.

Children might present with underlying weaknesses in motor coordination, sensory processing/sensory integration,  language and other mild or significant developmental delays, attention, learning abilities, social skills, self-regulation, auditory or visual processing.  OT treatment is recommended when participation in daily activities, social skills and/or learning is being compromised.


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