Parents often seek OT at Leaps And Bounds (The LAB!) when their child is demonstrating atypical behavior in several of the areas below. We see improvement in:


  1.   Ability to attend and sustain attention

  2.   Regulation of sleep, toileting, eating and social patterns

  3.   Tolerance for busy, noisy settings such as classrooms

        and parties

  1.   Ability to make transitions

  2.   Tolerance and organization of different sensory inputs,

        particularly sound, touch and movement

Activity Performance

  1. Gross motor development, including balance, postural control, bilateral coordination and motor


  1.   Fine motor/Visual-motor development, including  grasp, handwriting and scissor skills                          

  2.   Exploratory, imaginative and social play

  3.   Independence in daily living activities, such as dressing, using utensils

  4.   Ability to follow directions, including decreased impulsivity

  5.   Organization, planning, timing, sequencing and processing skills

  6.   Information processing development

  7.   Engagement  in unfamiliar or challenging situations

  Interpersonal and Emotional Participation

  1. Eye contact and engagement

  2. Reciprocity, flexibility and spontaneity

  3. Organized communication

  4. Coping strategies and motivation

  5. Overall self-esteem


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